Automatic upload

To allow automatic upload first you have to connect your RGT account to your Strava account.

Navigate to your RGT account page and click the "Connect to Strava" button. Authorize RGT in the next screen.
If the connection completes successfully then the text on the button will change to "Disconnect from Strava".

Make sure you end the ride by clicking the "End ride" button and that "Save to Strava" is enabled in the End Ride summary window.

Manual upload

Your riding activities are saved in your account and are available for download on your account page.

Once you download the activity file, follow the instructions in this Strava article about how to upload the file to your account.

If you have uploaded your workout to Strava, you can extract the .tcx file of your workout by adding "/export_tcx" at the end of activity url provided in Strava.