Anyone can join races, but to become a race organizer you need to get in touch with us first.

To create a race:
* Click the "Add event button" and fill in the event details
* After you create the race you'll be given a unique URL which people can use to sign up to the race. You'll also receive an e-mail confirmation with the event details and URL for future reference.

Be aware that each organizer can have a maximum of 3 events active.
If an event has already started, it cannot be deleted.

Sign up for a race from within RGT:
* Switch to the events tab
* Select an event you like and press the "sign up" button

Sign up for a race using a shared URL:
* Click on the event URL which was shared with you. You will be able to see which road, the number of laps and other details before you sign up
* Press the sign up button on the event page

After signing up you will receive a confirmation e-mail which includes an URL to the race details page. By navigating to the race details page you will be able to see the race results after the race ends.

You will receive an e-mail reminder one hour before the event starts.

If you are riding in RGT before the event starts, you'll get a notification at most 30 minutes before the event starts.

The participants' names are not public until the race ends. Only organizer can see who joined before race starts.

Joining a race to which you signed up:
* Inside RGT, switch to the Events tab in the upper left corner
* Select the race and then click "Join". Joining a race can be done only 10 minutes prior to the start time. Once a race starts, you won't be able to join anymore.

Be sure to warm up before the race starts!