P - Toggle power devices panel

C - Toggle cadence devices panel

T - Toggle trainer devices panel

H - Toggle heart monitoring devices panel

O - Options

Spacebar - Turn around

Enter - Chat

S - Support/Feedback panel

F - Feedback panel

Esc - Toggle menu

1 - 6 - Switch camera

0 (zero) - Auto-switch between cameras

Tab - Toggle interface

Shift+S - Capture a Screen Shot: in Screen Shot mode, hold Shift + Left Click on mouse or Right Click to move camera around avatar
Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Pictures\RoadGrandTours
MacOS: users/YOURUSERNAME/pictures/roadgrandtours

Insert or ~ - Toggle between name tag states: Off, Visible for all, Visible for other riders only

Page Up or ]  - Switch camera to riders in front of you

Page Down or [  - Switch camera to riders behind of you

Home or \ - Switch view back to your own avatar

i - Switch between metric and imperial units