RGT supports only ANT+ devices at the moment. RGT requires a power reading either from a smart trainer or pedals in order for the avatar to move (speed sensors are not currently supported).

Speed sensors are not currently supported - will be added in the near future, after support for Bluetooth is completed.

Bluetooth is not currently supported - will be added in the near future. (currently under development)

Any trainer, power meter, cadence sensor and heart rate monitor that respect the open ANT+ communication standard are compatible with RGT.

The following ANT+ devices are known to be incompatible with RGT:
  • CycleOps PowerSync - Trainer is not compatible with ANT+ FE-C so RGT will not be able to control the trainer resistance
  • CycleOps Pro 400, 410, 420 - These trainers use a proprietary ANT+ protocol. Newer CycleOps 420 versions use the open ANT+ communication standard and should be compatible with RGT. Users with these versions, please contact CycleOps and ask if there's any firmware update available to make their trainer compatible with the open ANT+ standard.
  • Wahoo Kickr first generation - Firmware update is required to make this trainer compatible with RGT.  Instructions can be found here for Android users and here for iPhone users.
  • CompuTrainer